The Retirement Corporation of America




Securities and Exchange Commission
The primary federal agency that regulates mutual funds, registered investment advisors and the stock and bond markets. Its responsibilities include enforcing full disclosure and protecting investors against fraudulent and manipulative practices in the securities markets.

Evidence of an investment, either in direct ownership (as with stocks), creditorship (as with bonds), or indirect ownership (as with options).

Simplied Employee Pension Plan (SEP)
A type of plan under which the employer contributes to an employee's IRA. Contributions may be made up to a certain limit and are immediately vested.

Standard Deviation
For a fund - a measure of the volatility of a fund compared to the average for the fund category (over a period of time).

(Also called equities) give you a small share of ownership in a company. They entitle you, the shareholder, to vote in the election of directors and also on other matters taken up at a shareholders meeting, in person or by proxy (through someone else).